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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Monstrous Sale!

Hello fellow mommies!

I just know the feeling of buying your kids / babies stuffs! It's soo fun to dress them up. :) And SM department store brings us their Monstrous Sale for the whole month of March!

You read that right! The WHOLE MONTH OF MARCH!

Upto 50% discounts at infants & children's wear are at stake! So hurry & grab your kiddos to the nearest SM department store!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Famous Belgian Waffle Review

Yesterday, we finally tried the "Famous Belgian Waffle". We're curious on how it taste as there's always a looong line..

As we walk to their stall, I can already smell the waffle. "Super bango!!" But still my fingers are crossed that it really taste good. As I order, I was informed that it would take around 20-30 mins as they have a lot of pending orders, and I said yes, it's oka. We're not in a rush anyway.

Gabe's so excited while waiting for our order. Just look at this picture and you'll see.. hehe

There's really a lot of people waiting for their waffle to get done. Here's some pictures:

We tried Chocolate, Cream cheese, Blueberry, Banana Chocolate & Blueberry with cream cheese.

Kuya's face. Super sad na because of the long wait. We waited for about 30 minutes. Inip na talaga siya.

Anyway, I love how it taste, Chocolate's good but it's a bit sweet that it somehow overpower the taste of the waffle. Blueberry, Blueberry cream cheese & Cream cheese is nice as well. The Banana Chocolate is just okay. I really find their chocolate sweet. But waffle tastes good. Crispy & freshly baked!

I tried to take some pictures of this little girl as she enjoy her waffle but she really doesn't want to look.

Told her to smile.. instead she did this... hihi

there! George finally smiled back at me!

I'm not really sure where are the other branches of Famous Belgian Waffle, but for the rating, hmmm, I'd give it a 8 out of 10. Taste good, budget friendly & just perfect for waffle lovers :)

till my next post!

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Friday, February 22, 2013 - Perfect for starters!

Website. It is very important if you have a business especially nowadays that almost all  of us rely on the internet. A business is not complete without it. 

I've recently joined TapBlogs/ promotion, and I'm glad that I am one of the 25 - 30 bloggers who can test their site! Yey! I was provided with a number that entitles me to have free one year subscription with 

To be honest, I was a bit curious on how works. I personally have a business so I'm thinking -- "Is it same with others who offers free website?" And what really amazed me was their tag line --- " - Instant Web Site in under 60 seconds."  I mean is this even true?

As soon as I got the numbers sent to me, I immediately created one for me. And true enough, It is very easy to create your own site provided that the domain site you want is not yet taken. I took time before I finally got the domain name that I want. But after that -- Voila! It's all done and I'm ready to edit my site.

I'm no techie. I don't know HTML, CSS and others. I do know someone though but I know it's expensive to hire them. I had some problems at first because I tried to delete what the first format has and tried to start from scratch (I do have a different idea on mind). At first I tried to add tabs & subpages butI really had a hard time, I even asked to help me out and I'm glad they answered my query in no time!

But I guess it's a bit hard to start especially if you don't have a format so I decided to re-start  / re-do it again. This time, I followed the format that has. This time, it only took me  around 30 mins and upload pictures on my site. What I like about this site is that you don't need to copy and search pictures and save them on your computer, You can directly upload the pictures from the web. :) I guess the term that perfectly fits this site is "USER FRIENDLY" 

Here's the site I've created with them : 

I know the contents are not that much I've been really busy with travel that I can hardly visit this site to add infos but I promise I'll update you soon once its all okay. 

How I only wish they also have longtime offers like 5 years or 10 years domain. Because that's what we are really looking for.  They are only asking for Php 1600 per year --- so that's really a good deal especially for small business owners and starters like me! Plus, you can even edit it yourself!

Try it now. Create One. It only take 60 seconds now. ;)  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fashion Harvest X LFW winner

After a month of sharing & tweeting of Fashion Harvest giveaway, I'd love to announce the super lucky winner of this giveaway!

Congratulations my dear! You bagged 3 fab items of Fashion Harvest

Please email me within the next 7 days your complete details :) Or you already know what happens after 7 days with no response :)

To my readers, please do not tag her, I just want to see who's reading my blog & who isn't :)

Thanks to all who joined! Another giveaway is about to end today so you still have time to join.

P.S. I'd like to greet my eldest a happy happy birthday!!!! Love you baby! will spend QT with kiddos tom for sure!
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

Last Sunday, Feb 10, 2013, We opt to stay at the nearby malls as we promised the kids that we'll watch the fireworks display at SM Masinag. The show starts at 7PM so we made sure that we're ready by then. At 6:45PM we're already outside to nice view :) and as you can see on this picture, they are already preparing for the fireworks display.

firetruck on standby :)

fireworks nearby chinese restaurant

this is the first shot that I got from the display :)

The fireworks lasted for almost 7 minutes and my kids really loved it. Our neck was a bit stiff that night but it was all worth it. :))

Here's the link of the video I took last sunday -- sorry for the noisy background hehe YOUTUBE

PS. I'm about to announce my winners for Fashion Harvest & Tagaytay Day trip, make sure to earn more entries :)

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Birthday - night out / Conti's Review

Last Friday, we celebrated my hubby's dad's birthday :)

It was decided that we'll meet them at Shakey's Glorietta. But because of the hectic sked & traffic, we still arrived late.

When we arrived, Shakey's was jam packed! Good Yvonne secured seats for us hehe... anyway here's some of our pictures

Sab & Yvonne

Me, bhebie, his dad, his mom

Lola, George & Gaille

Birthday Guy trying to open some gifts :)
George playing hide & seek :)
(L-R) Harry, sab, george, yvonne, gabe, me, bhebie, his dad, his mom & gaille

Gabe, me, george, bhebie & gaille

Everything's okay until we saw Gabe's hand. It's numb, swelling & he's been complaining that his hands feels hot. We also saw some rashes on his face (sign of allergy) so we decided to buy aAlnix (an antihistamine for kids) I really don't know what happened, we've been eating pasta & pizza before since he's a bit younger but this is the first time we saw him like that. We don't normally eat at Shakey's so there's no one to blame here. What I like about their service is that, they talked to us,discuss & checked his condition, & offer to buy an antihistamine. :) For me, it's a super super thumbs up!! Keep it up!

After eating dinner, we went to Greenbelt to eat some dessert. We first tried at Gelatissimo, but since the space is a bit small & no place for kids to run around, we decided to look for another one. Me & hubby been boasting & totally impressed with Conti's. But I guess this time they failed us. I mean the service is really awful! We ordered Mango Bravo & Choco mousse. But at first, no one assisted us, we assisted ourselves. When bhebie ordered cakes, it felt like they don't want to sell cakes to us! arrrgh! The worst thing they did that I really do not like, was when my mom-in-law tried to ask for a glass of water from the girl cleaning the table just behind her & this girl totally ignored her! no acknowledgement at all! I really want to speak up at that moment because his mom also felt she was ignored on purpose! What a service! Any idea on how to call their management's attention? I would really love to tell them my story! It was the exact opposite from the service we receives from Trinoma Branch. Anyway, here's some of the pics:

Happy Birthday!!

me & yvonne (we just love purple!)

sab, harry, yvonne & gabe

thanks for reading lovelies!

Till my next post!


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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tagaytay Trip for 2!

Hello lovelies!

I haven't blog lately. :( Been really busy with travel & other stuff. Anyway to make it up to you I'll be raffling this coupon I got! How's Tagaytay sounds? Very good I know!  :) Just perfect with you  & your honey or best friend!

Here's how to join:

This contest is open to "PHILIPPINE RESIDENTS ONLY".

PS: The winner must be a FOLLOWER of this BLOG! (via GFC)
"JOIN THE SITE" to FOLLOW. If not he/she will be disqualified and I will choose another winner.

Good Luck lovelies!



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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Sale

 Are you trying to get rid of the pimple? Trying to hide the blemish? Want to have a perfect glowing skin this coming V-day? Worry no more! Great news! Ysabel's Daughter is having their Valentine's Sale!

Get these fab combos!

Revitalizing Facial Serum + Absolute Sheer Toner = only P1,000.00 (Actual Value: P1,345.00)

Moringa Body Wash with Walnut Orange 200ml + Orange Luffa Scrub 200ml = only P1,000.00 (Actual Value: P1,205.00)

Moringa Body Wash with Luffa Lemon 200ml + Firming Lotion Lemon 200ml = only P1000.00 (Actual Value: P1,190.00)

You may text 0918-8871886 for orders.

Sale ends Feb 15, 2013.

Go and call now! You still have time to feel & look pretty on V-DAY! :)



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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fitting room just for kids :)

I was so amazed and surprised how Market Market! changed their fitting room (kids section) They turned it into something the kids will surely love. We've been to Market Market! for so many times and it's just now that we noticed that they have a very unique fitting room :)

Just check the photos I got and you'll see what I mean :)

There's a bench for the waiting area :)

Garfield will be the one to welcome you. hihi

Gabe  - inside one of the fitting rooms

Baby George just love Garfield here :)

It's so nice to shop here. You may check this out at 3rd level, Market Market!



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Wanted: The Cheesiest Perfume Addict

Hello lovelies! I haven't been able to blog for the past few days. Been very busy with travel :( Anyway, I've got a very good news to tell you :)

We all know Valentine's day already near. And this post goes to all couples out there, <3 If you've been reading my blog, you should know Fresh Fragrance Bar - the shop the offers super affordable perfume.

Today, they're on the hunt for the CHEESIEST PERFUME ADDICT, and they'll be doing this for the whole month of FEB!! 

Think you're one of them? Then let the world know! :)

All you have to do is:

1. Follow on

2. Reply to their TWITTER Question of the Week, which will be posted every Monday of February.
(don't forget to tag @FreshPH)

FOUR lucky winners will be announced every Friday of February (Feb. 8, 15, 22) and on March 1.

Prizes for each week are a Benetton Rosso (for women) or Benetton Nero (for men) + a United Colors of Benetton Gym Bag.

So what are you waiting for? Follow them on twitter now!! 

Spread the love! :)


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