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Monday, December 31, 2012

Year End

Few hours left for 2012. Soon, we will welcome the year of the water snake - 2013. Though this year has been a little tough on us especially middle of the year, I still thank God for all the blessings he gave and for not letting us down. Goodbye 2012, and hello 2013!!

I'm gonna make sure that I'll wear polka dots later! haha! swerte daw yun eh...

You might want to check these polka dots outfits too:

til my next post!



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Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 Predictions.

Every end of the year I've been wondering what the upcoming year will bring to us. Reading online articles, blogs and book predictions has been my habit every year end. Really eager to know if the next year will be a good or a bad year for me. :) I know that we are the one making our own destiny, our own choices and decisions but, its still good to know if you have a guide right? hehe.. I was born under the year of the Tiger. It says that this year might not be good but I have lucky charms hehe... maybe its my kids :)

Anyway, you may check whether its going to be a good or not so good year for you.. :)

Here's the predictions for 2013 :

SNAKE -  2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941

Although the Snake person is into a year of conflict, especially for health, there are lucky signs to help out.  Just beware of volatilities.

WORK -  You would do very well in businesses dealing with people, such as public 
relations, performance, acting, singing, entertainment.  You also favor to 
be in the healing sector.  However, gambling and speculations are bad for 

WEALTH  - Your wealth is related to people contacts and relations.  The harder you 
work, the more you make.  Stay away from gambling.

RELATIONS -  Your relations tend to be better outside your home than inside your family.  
There may not be many romances.  Getting married this year is not  advised.

HEALTH -  You are prone to many small ailments, including accidents.  Drive 
carefully.  Avoid surgeries.  Exercise more.

Highlights of Snake of Individual Years

 2001 - This is a good year for your studies.  Your relation with friends is good.   Beware of your energy level.  Rest more.

1989 -  The harder you work, the more you get.  You would have people helping  you.

1977 -  You may have to endure instabilities in whatever you do.  Do not change jobs.  Be conservative.  Beware of betrayals.

1965  - You may feel exhausted.  Stay low, work hard.  Stay out of trouble.

1953 -  You just reach the life cycle of age-60.  Pay more attention to your health.   Exercise more vigorously.  You would have lucky signs and will be safe.

1941  - You may feel sad – out of nowhere.  Try to make more friends.  Do more charity and voluntary work.  Stay happy.

HORSE  - 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930

This is a year of romance for you.  You would also have many helpful signs.  You would 10 be spiritual.  There is a year for you to make major decisions and to solve major issues.  Lady horses would fare even better than the male ones.
WORK  - If you are in the entertainment business, you would do marvelously.  If you are a movie star or singer, this may be your breakthrough year.  You also favor to be in a spiritual sector, such as religions.  People oriented business sector is good for you.

WEALTH  - Your wealth would be stable and usually as the result of people relations.  Do not gamble or speculate.  You fare better with your name than money.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Therapie Sale!

While everyone's busy making their new year's resolution, it's also best to have new items on the upcoming year! :)

  Therapie Shop would love to offer you new items at a discounted rate!!

Buy these fashionable bags at Php 650 each which was originally Php 750 :)


Blazers for only Php 310 each


Buy these swimsuits -- less Php 150 pesos each (good buy for the upcoming summer 2013)


And soaps for only 75 each!


Hurry! Grab new items now for this New Year!!

til my next post!



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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Getting back into shape :)

Hello lovelies!

It's the 23rd already and tomorrow is already Christmas! We all know that during Christmas we tend to eat a lot. haha! and we just can't help it right? How we are supposed to enjoy the holiday season if we're not going eat all those lechon, cakes, ice cream, & others :)

That's why, I'm happy to tell you lovelies that I'll be having my 2nd giveaway! woohoo!! One of my clients, gave me these "3 days guest pass" and I'll be picking 2 lucky winners to win 2 passes so they can get their sexy body back after this holiday season.. He gave me 4 passes, I know I won't be able to use  it so I'll just give it to you ladies :)

Friday, December 21, 2012


Hi Lovelies!

The first giveaway is all over and done! I would like to thank everyone who supported and joined! :)

Congratulations to....

Mayla Lagrimas who tweeted about the giveaway & Kaye Orinoco who reblogged my giveaway :)

Again congrats & Please do contact me on my number or on email :)

I will both give you until Dec 27 to contact me or I will pick another winner.

Til my next giveaway lovelies.

I hope you will still support me by then



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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Casa de Lorenzo Winner

Hello lovelies!

I would like to congratulate the winner of my previous blog  re: Casa de Lorenzo giveaway.

Today, they were able to pick the winner and it is....

Congratulations Darius Berdos!

By the way, Casa de Lorenzo is extending their Holiday Sale of Natural Liquid Soap! So hurry! Grab one now & get 50 % OFF.

Til my next post.


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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Rush!

Christmas is just around the corner. It's just a week til Christmas and since we got busy, we hardly find time to buy gifts. I know we said that we would rather go out on a weekday instead of weekend, but today is an exception :)

We went to MOA today and as the normal Christmas rush, all malls are like "Divisoria". The staffs of Toy Kingdom even mentioned that today's better than yesterday as they really crowded that they can hardly move around the store. We're able to buy gifts to little Georgie and we hope she'll enjoy her new toy. 

Here's some pictures of Gaille & Gabe while inside the store.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sharing ... is winning!

Hi lovelies!

Would you like to win 1 Bottle of 250ml Liquid Castle Soap by Casa de Lorenzo ?

Casa de Lorenzo Oils, Aromatics and Soaps provides premium Carrier Oils, Essential Oils, and Natural Liquid Soaps in the Philippines. 

Casa de Lorenzo uses nothing but all natural ingredients such as Olive, Virgin Coconut Oil and real essential oil to add scent on the soap. No chemicals or anything harmful to our skin.. Just the natural ingredients we need to make our skin glow. This product is perfect for ALL SKIN TYPES! 

Now, I know you're all excited to know how you're going to win a Liquid Castle Soap. :)

Just go to this site Casa De Lorenzo

1.Like their page.

2. SHARE this picture

3. And DO NOT forget to place a comment :)

It's as easy as 1,2, 3. Winners will be announced on Monday.

Happy sharing lovelies!


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Thursday, December 13, 2012

35 Lifechanging Ways To Use Everyday Objects -- Part II

13. Use newspaper as an odor absorber.

Use newspaper as an odor absorber.
You can put it in Tupperware, or the crisper bin of your fridge, or in a purse with any lingering leather smells.

14. Use aspirin to turn hair made green by chlorine back to its natural color.

Use aspirin to turn hair made green by chlorine back to its natural color.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

35 Lifechanging Ways To Use Everyday Objects

1. Use a can opener to open sealed plastic packaging.

Use a can opener to open sealed plastic packaging.
This tip would have saved me approximately 22.8 hours of my life.

2. Add saline solution to refresh dried-out mascara.

Add saline solution to refresh dried-out mascara.
Just a couple of drops will do.

3. Use a toilet seat cover to blot the oil from a greasy face.

Use a toilet seat cover to blot the oil from a greasy face.

4. Use pretty wine corks to make planters for tiny succulents.

Use pretty wine corks to make planters for tiny succulents.
Put magnets on them and hang them on your fridge. Instructions here.

5. Amplify the volume of your iPhone or iPod by placing it in a bowl.

Amplify the volume of your iPhone or iPod by placing it in a bowl.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lipton or Nestea?

(The image above was grabbed from their facebook account)

When it comes to iced tea, there's only two major drinks that's popular here and that's Nestea & Lipton. Most of the restaurants and fast food chain offers nestea and we're not really a fan of it. We prefer lipton because we find nestea "too sweet:" :)

One sunday, like most groceries, they offer free taste - to offer new product & to sell an item instantly. There we saw this "Nestea Premium Brew". We tried it and it taste good somehow, you can really taste the honey & the calamansi too! The price is Php 180 per 1 pack with container and we decided to try one since we still have Lipton iced tea at home..

The container has 1 pack & 1 big scoop but we felt bad as the pack inside's not even the half of the container :( We're thinking that we should have bought Lipton instead... Oh well, life goes on.. LOL

Maybe its the container that makes it expensive. :)

How about you? Which of the 2 drinks you prefer??


Monday, December 10, 2012

Just a little respect

Monday. Another busy day. Have to meet another client after lunch.  It's 12 noon and I just remembered that a have to buy something from CD R King. There's only 1 CD R King store I know na hindi ganun kadami ang tao. And that's the Q-Plaza branch. When I got there, dang! they're closed for inventory and won't open til 7PM. So I just decided to go to Sta lucia Mall instead since that's the closest mall and I badly need it. I was praying on my way there na sana hindi mahaba ang pila. But then sad to say super haba ng pila.

I patiently waited for my turn. They don't have a system here unlike in SM Masinag and Q Plaza that you have to get a nunber first and wait for your number to be called

After around 20 mins of waiting, its almost my turn - I'm the 3rd in line. One of the staff called out the next customer. The guy next in line somehow missed her call so she had to call for his attention. Suddenly, the lady behind me lined up behind the guy who's being assisted by the staff.  I was thinking "hindi kaya sumingit to?" and true enough, she pretended that she was the next customer! I admit, recently I'm getting pissed easily especially who doesn't show respect to other people and also those who we call "singit".

I immediately call the staff who's assisting her and said " Ate, bakit sya ang ina - assist mo? eh etong asa unahan ko dapat yung mauuna, asa likod ko yan nakapila kanina." Then this "singit" lady answered : "Hindi ah, kanina pa ako nakapila dito at ako talaga yung kasunod nun lalaki",

Me: " hindi, nasa likod kita. lumipat ka dyan. dapat itong nasa unahan ko muna " The lady answered. Mad. "ako talaga yung  kasunod kasi itong lalaki yung sinundan ko."
Me: "Kanina pa kami nakapila dito tapos sisingit lang kayo, di bale na sige unahin nyo na sya kung yan ang gusto nyo. May karma naman eh"
S.L. : "Pila lang eh anung kinakagalit mo?" -- angry voice
Me: " hindi lang pila yan eh... yung oras ko sayang. madami pang nakapila sa likod"

Singit lady decided to keep quiet instead. I'm so angry that she has the guts to answer me back! For me, it's a matter of respect. Respect that there's a line to follow. Respect that other people are also patiently waiting for their turn. Respect that other people's time is also being consumed, not only yours.

I remember, one time when we're in National Bookstore, Gaille, my eldest, 7 years old, was trying to buy some stuff for her school project. Since there was no line and I was trying to teach her how to be fall in line properly & be confident enough to talk to others, I let her pay for the stuffs. She was 2nd in line, when a girl (20 - 25 yo) lined up. Gaille, was about to pay for it so I decided to check some books near cashier. It only took me less than a minute and checked her again to make sure everything's okay. When I got back, the girl who was behind her was now paying for her stuffs and Gaille's still waiting for her turn. -- I immediately asked the cashier why did she not assist my daughter. Is it because she's just a kid? and this girl was giving me this look like "nasingitan ko yung anak mo" with a grin on her face. Me: "Hindi porke't bata hindi dapat pansinin"  Arrrgh!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Babies are gift from God

Babies are gift from God
I can never imagine my life without my kids. I admit that I nag sometimes because of all the things they do, all at the same time but I would not be complete without them. I have 7, 3, & 1 yr old, 2 girls and 1 boy… I don’t know if other moms felt this but before I gave birth to my eldest, there’s this fear.. “what if I’m not a good mom?” “will I be able to take care of them?” “Can I do this?” few questions running on my mind.. I gave birth when I was 19 yo so I was pretty young back then.. but hey! I proved myself wrong! haha
I learned a lot of things with my kids.. not just being a mom but in life too.. they teach you how to be more patient, to strive hard, work hard, and love them unconditionally… It’s hard to have kids but you will never know the joy and happiness they’ll bring until you have one. We all know that having a baby is expensive.. milk, diaper, yaya (for those who needs one) hospital bills, immunizations and so on.. but here’s what I noticed, God will make a way to help you earn what you need to raise a child, provided that you also will help Him accomplish it.
When there’s a baby, it brings new hope, laughter, happiness, fulfillment, a goal… Babies are indeed gift from God..

Ready for school

Baby Georgie's getting ready for school. LOL

Friday, December 7, 2012

My very first giveaway!!

Hello lovelies!

How's your Friday so far?

Just like on my previous blog, tonight I will post my very first giveaway and I'm very excited about it :)

I'll be giving this doll shoes that I got from HalloHalloMall :) It's size 6 by the way LOL


this bangle :)

You can either choose the shoes or the bangle, whichever you like :)

Join my giveaway here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

I heart Sulit!

Tonight, I was busy doing my stuff when I received an unexpected package. I was a bit shocked as I wasn't expecting for any package. When I checked the package -- its from Sulit!! Yey! I told myself that this must be the organizer that I redeemed using my SG (Sulit Gold) :) To my surprise, I opened the package & voila! It's a shirt!! A letter is enclosed to the package saying that they have upgraded it!! (aren't they nice?) LOL

By the way here's the shirt I got from them:

If you want to know more about Sulit Gold (this would actually help you a lot if you're into selling / business) you may visit

I truly heart Sulit & am a proud Sulitizen!!



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

lost for words... for real!!

I've been staring on my laptop for more than 2 hours and I still can't decide / figure out what to blog.. There's a lot of things going on my mind but whenever I try to organize my thoughts, I just feel lost.. All I know & feel right now is I'm very, very, very tired. haha

I haven't had a goodnight sleep for almost a week now.. Recently, baby George wakes up at 6am and from then we have to get up or else you'll get your face slapped by this little girl, haha!

Anyway, its already 11:18PM and I think its time for me to sleep. I hope tomorrow's going to be good to me :)

I'll post the details of my giveaway on friday!!



Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I've been in love with bags since high school, and i can still remember how I change my bag almost everyday depending on mood & outfit :)

That's why I'm sooo excited to share the newest On-hand bags of Therapie.

I'm sure you'd love them just like I do. <3

Monday, December 3, 2012

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Movie Time!!

Orig post : October 2, 2012 :)

Hotel Transylvania

Ever since we noticed Georgia pays more attention to TV / Cartoon Shows now, we’ve been planning to watch a movie. Though it would be a bit expensive as we have to pay for 5 heads we still don’t want to spoil the kids’ excitement and their happiness of watching the movie on big screen. When we finally decided to watch Brave, to bad it’s no longer showing on all Malls but on selected cinemas only :( 
Now, Hotel Transylvania is still showing we took the opportunity of watching it on a weekday to avoid families who will be watching it by weekend.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sir Boy’s Food Republique - 1st year anniversary

from my tumblr account:

Just attended the first year anniversary of Sir Boy’s Food Republique, located at 29 Panay Ave, near cor Roces Ave, Quezon City
They offer eat-all-you-can for as low as Php 119! :))
Sir Boy’s Food Republique is owned by Mr Boy So, who is also the owner of La Carmela de Boracay Resort Hotel in Station 2, Boracay Island. If you watch Boy Abunda’s shows, you will often hear him mentioning Mr Boy So’s name :)
Anyway, here’s few pictures I captured while we’re there.. wasn’t able to take too much picture because of the crowd. LJ Reyes, Ryan Bang, Direk Bobot Mortiz & Boy Abunda himself were there but wasn’t able their picture.

Gaille's first communion

Gaille&#8217;s hair for her first communion :)

curly hair almost gone&#8230;  #hair #curls #girl

As requested by my little girl, she wants to have curly hair on her communion. :)

Just keep swimming!

Of all the pictures of my clients, here&#8217;s my favorite. 
It&#8217;s so beautiful that whenever I see this picture I see peace and the interaction between the fishes &amp; human has been captured perfectly!
This photo is taken by a client of ours, Korean by the way :)
Thank you Ms Mini Kang for sharing your picture.

// ]]]]>]]>

Of all the pictures of my clients, here’s my favorite --- taken at Palawan. 
It’s so beautiful that whenever I see this picture I see peace and the interaction between the fishes & human has been captured perfectly!
This photo is taken by a client of ours, Korean by the way :)
Thank you Ms Mini Kang for sharing your picture.
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